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Wanting to know how to use your Ice Wrap Pro??

Video demonstration of how to use the Ice Wrap Pro

The Ice Wrap Pro can be used on multiple body sites post surgery or injury.  

The videos below show how to use the Ice Wrap Pro on the most common sites of knee, shoulder, hip and ankle.


This video shows the use of the Ice Wrap Pro for the knee.

Remember to use the unique small straps to pull down and give extra compression and contact with the ice on the skin.

 This advice is general in nature and you should consult your health care professional for more specific advice on your need.

This video shows the use of the Ice Wrap Pro for the shoulder.

It can be difficult to find an ice wrap that will fit a shoulder but the Ice Wrap Pro with it’s extra strap and unique design can fit nicely on the shoulder providing cold compression therapy and still allowing you to move around.


This video shows the use of the Ice Wrap Pro for the hip.

This video covers the use of the Ice Wrap for hip injuries or post hip surgery.  You will need to use the additional strap to secure the Ice Wrap Pro around the hip, Patrick demonstrates this in the video.


This video shows the use of the Ice Wrap Pro for the ankle.

If your have injured your ankle the initial management or during the acute stage of ankle sprains the RICE principle is followed. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. These strategies help to limit the bleeding and subsequent swelling that would otherwise occur, restricting joint range of motion and increasing pain. These principles should be followed for up to 72 hrs post injury where bleeding is still likely to occur.

 Rest: Wherever possible limit the activity of the ankle and rest as much as possible. The use of crutches may also be indicated if there extreme pain when putting weight through your foot when walking.

 Ice: Use immediately after injury. You can use your Ice Wrap Pro to ice your ankle. Apply the ice pack for approximately 15 minutes every 1-2 hours.

 Compression: Apply a firm but not constricting bandage around your ankle. The Ice Wrap Pro will provide compression while you are applying the ice.

 Elevation: Raise your ankle above heart level on a couple of pillows for 15 minutes at a time. Elevation can be effective if used in conjunction with ice.